Parasol Products for Happy Bum Bums

Pictured Here: Parasol Toddler Pants

Our littlest has a sensitive bum. We tried all the usuals, Huggies, Pampers, and Luvs… and then we tried Honest, Seventh Generation, Bambo, and Earth’s Best. Some of the organic options were an improvement, but it was the Parasol diapers and wipes that finally set her bottom on the path to recovery. Honestly, I think every sensitive bum is unique so what works for one bum, may not work for another, but Parasol was the solution to our bum problems. Even as our daughter aged, if she used another brand of diapers or wipes, she’d quickly get red, so we stuck with Parasol all the way through.

When one of my friends introduced me to the Parasol  products it was a subscription service only, but now they are sold at Walmart as well. We used Parasol from baby diapers through toddler pants and I LOVE their products and I’d give them a 10 out of 10, but unfortunately I’d give the subscription service a much lower rating. I disliked dealing with customer service enough that I switched to ordering from Walmart. The customer service representative wasn’t the issue, per se, it was just that the customer service was available only by chat and the chat function didn’t work from my iPhone X. It simply wasn’t convenient for me and the issue was a problem occurring on their end with them shipping to a previous address despite the fact that I had the correct address updated in my account. In the end I didn’t feel reassured by the support I received. It is rare for me to want to talk over wanting to text, but I just wanted to talk to someone, dammit. 

The design, from the pattern, to the softness, right down to the box they come in, is pretty darn great too. My only complaint is the stickers on the back of the diaper pants (like pull-ups), which is an ingenious idea because it allows you to roll up the diaper and stick it securely like you would with the tabs on a traditional diaper. However, unfortunately this great idea is not quite realized and the sticker always sticks to the inside of the pants, or gets unstuck by a toddler and then becomes an issue for a grumpy toddler. Other than this fairly minor complaint, we give Parasol diapers and wipes four big thumbs and two small thumbs up.

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