Awakened but Not Fresh

Pictured Here: Pantene Gold Series Curl Awakening Spray

Why am I still trying new refresh sprays when I just discovered my love the Mixed Chicks Morning After Redefining Foam? Because I love new products, that’s why! I woke up with half straight, half wavy hair, and weird curls near the top, so of course I decided it was a good day to try something new. It could hardly get any worse.

The verdict is in on the Pantene Gold Series Curl Awakening Spray and I kind of hate it, but I also don’t. The smell is strong (I am never a fan of highly scented chemically stuff) and my hair got really crunchy, dry, and it knotted easily. HOWEVER, my hair was curlier than it has ever been. Ever. What???!!

Now, how do I get this curly without the tangly dryness? Leave a message if you know. I did try scrunching out the crunch but my hair still felt yucky.

The good news is that the next day I refreshed with water and my hair was still fairly curly but not as crunchy. That being said, I’ll probably still be giving this one away. To be fair, the bottle does say “for curly and coily styles” so my wavy hair may not apply.

The Hair Deets: I have 2B, fine, high density, high porosity hair.

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  1. I just came across this review. I tried this product on my corkscrew shaped curly hair. I, too, noticed that it made my hair curlier!! Mainly near the roots, which is awesome! You asked how to make your hair less tangly; how about using a liquid leave in conditioner beforehand? I applied this to my hair curl by curl, to any curl that was frizzy or flat. Wet it with water, a spritz of leave in, and then the pantene. You can detangle with the leave in first. Maybe that will help?

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