Hello World! I’m back!

I am not new to the blogosphere, but I am ignorant to the current blogging culture. I am sure you are not supposed to write long posts like this one, but whatevs, I’m an OG now and like all OGs I should be allowed to do whatever I want, right? I used to blog back in 2004-2007 (when it was easy to find domain names and you could blog for no reason). I started when I lived in the Caribbean and blogging was my lifeline connection to people off the island. Who reads blogs anymore? Do people write blogs anymore? Isn’t this a brave new world full of curators, not content makers? I’m not even sure, but I guess I’ll find out?

If no one reads this, that’s ok, I’m starting this new blog all about my stuff for posterity (and reference) because last year my friend had a baby, and instead of doing all the crazy research that some of us do, she just asked me. I found myself writing her reeaaaally long texts full of a lot of details about what might be better for her lifestyle/living situation etcetera, etcetera, and I thought to myself, what am I doing? I need to keep this somewhere for the next time someone asks me for all this information. I am a product junkie, so I figure I might as well open up the topics to all kinds of stuff.

For example, I currently have probably 10 different kinds of shampoo and conditioner in my bathroom right now, and I’ve literally never finished a bottle of any one brand. Maybe once. That should probably be embarrassing, but it’s the truth. Ask my mother/cousin/friends who have inherited half finished bottles and tubes of nearly every brand of anything you might find in the bathroom. If I encounter something new, I have to try it. This applies to cosmetics, candy bars, laundry detergent, toothpaste, whatever. Seriously, someone needs to put me on a market research team.

I have always been a product junkie. When I was in college I remember whining to my councilor about spending so much money at the pharmacy on expensive face creams whilst living off student loans. In retrospect, I was probably spending far less on my deep sea algae cream than my counterparts who were out drinking all the time. I think maybe I could argue that it is all part of a quest for self care (something I have no time for now that I have two kids by the way) but it is also an appreciation for good packaging and the hope of finding the Holy Grail of (fill in the blank). Stuff.

There you have it. And here I am.

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